Disability Awareness Month

About Disability Awareness Month

Each March, Disability Awareness Month is celebrated throughout Indiana. And given that adults and children with disabilities represent slightly more than 19 percent of Indiana’s population, disability awareness is important for all of us. Led by the Indiana Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities, the goal of Disability Awareness Month is to increase awareness and promote independence, integration and inclusion of all people with disabilities. The Council develops a unique theme for this annual event and produces campaign materials that are available free of charge to Hoosiers who want to help make a difference.

The 2014 campaign theme is “Dream to Dare.” The poster art features a simple, meaningful poem to frame our attitudes toward what we all want to achieve—communities that are sustainable, accessible, economically viable and encourage civic and social engagement for all. The text at the bottom of the poster challenges us to “be a force in our community” by learning more about smart growth as we rethink and revitalize our communities.

This is the 24th year for Disability Awareness Month. Won’t you join thousands of advocates and people with disabilities across the state by conducting community-based activities? Activities include events such as mayoral proclamations; art contests; and awareness campaigns in schools, businesses and government agencies.

Please visit our Materials Library to view and/or download materials that can help you plan and conduct an event in your area. To order our standardized kit, simply Order Online or print the Order Form and return it as noted. We'll then send you our free materials.

Thanks in advance for your efforts to help raise awareness and understanding of disability issues in your home, business, school or neighborhood!