Awareness Month & Campaign

Each March, Disability Awareness Month is celebrated throughout Indiana. And given that adults and children with disabilities represent slightly more than 19 percent of Indiana’s population, disability awareness is important for all of us.

Led by the Indiana Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities, the goal of Disability Awareness Month is to promote the independence, integration, and inclusion of all people with disabilities. The Council develops a unique theme for this annual event and produces campaign materials that are available free of charge to Hoosiers who want to help make a difference.

The 2018 Disability Awareness month campaign theme is “Be Cool. We Are.” No matter the differences between people, it is always better to treat others the way you want to be treated, and this is especially true when interacting with friends, co-workers, and other Hoosiers who live with disabilities. The theme is all about the importance of being comfortable in your own skin and making the conscious decision to be yourself, because acting different around someone with a disability isn’t cool.

This is the 27th year for Disability Awareness Month. Won’t you join thousands of advocates and people with disabilities across the state by conducting community-based activities? Activities include events such as mayoral proclamations; art contests; and awareness campaigns in schools, businesses and government agencies.

You can secure your campaign kit with poster, bookmarks, and more when you Order Online . And visit our Downloads Library to access creative ideas for promoting the awareness month in your school, business, or city.

Thanks in advance for your efforts to help raise awareness and understanding of disability issues in Indiana!

Past Campaigns

Indiana Disability Awareness Month has been celebrated for more than a quarter century, and each year a new campaign theme and corresponding artwork is created. Some of our favorite campaigns are featured here. Contact us if you’re interested in obtaining something from our archives..

I'm Not Your Inspiration

“I’m Not Your Inspiration,” includes portrait-style photography accompanied by attention-grabbing text emphasizing that people with disabilities are people first. They are co-workers, classmates and neighbors who want to be fully included in their communities – just like everyone else.

Inclusion is within Everyone's Ability

Our lives are so much richer when we open our minds and hearts to those who have different perspectives and experiences.

Love Where You Live

Communities thrive when we all take an active part. When you embrace your community and the people who live there – everyone feels at home.

Dream to Dare

Be a force in your community for smart growth, economic development, accessibility and civic and social engagement.

Community Connections

Access, engagement and relationships. These are the vital links of a connected, livable community.

Celebrating Community

Ignite community spirit: Get involved! By developing relationships with our neighbors, we make our community a place where everyone participates and is a valued member.

Cultivate Inclusion

To help beautify your community, start by planting the seeds of understanding. When you appreciate the unique gifts inside people of all abilities, everyone grows.

Free Your Mind

When you free your mind and see the potential inside everyone, you’ll expand your horizons – and your circle of friends.

Disable the Label

Defining people only by their disabilities can be hurtful and limiting. But when we see others for who they really are, we can learn a lot about their true character.

Attitude is everything.

To be a champion, you have to think like one. On and off the field, you have to know that the only thing that can stop you … is you. And when you champion a winning attitude for yourself and your team, you can achieve anything.

Mix it up.

Friends make everything sweeter. By looking past disability, we can work together and have fun. Now that’s a winning recipe for friendship — and success.

Together, we can reach new heights.

Attitude is everything. In schools. In businesses. In your community. Positive attitudes are helping people with and without disabilities achieve. Together.

We all chase the same dreams.

But we have different ways to get there. People with disabilities aren’t superheroes. We are independent, productive and part of the community. Our dreams are just like yours. And like you, we know what it takes to get there.

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