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For your convenience, campaign materials for download have been organized into one of three categories: Campaign Kit Materials; Awareness Activities and Events; Awareness Support Materials. While available here for download, we highly recommend Campaign Kit Materials (posters, bookmarks, and stickers) be ordered in advance. Your kit orders are free, ship to you directly, and will save you the time and cost of printing materials locally. VISIT OUR CAMPAIGN KIT ONLINE ORDERS PAGE.

Awareness Activities and Events

Arts Program

Organize a series of artistic activities for students, youth organizations, or children and teens throughout the community. Includes guidelines to help you plan and promote a youth art exhibit, list of artists and performers with disabilities who present to groups.

Essay Contest Program

Organize an essay contest that will heighten participants’ sensitivity to peers with disabilities. Includes a sample entry form, judging criteria, directives to host your own contest or participate in the statewide contest sponsored by United Cerebral Palsy.

Classroom Program

Curriculum designed by and for educators. Includes sample lesson plans, a resource list to help teachers plan and implement their Disability Awareness Month programs, interactive activity suggestions, discussion topics and general guidelines for interacting with people with disabilities.

Physical Education Program

For physical education or athletic programs in schools, community organizations, and more. Includes suggestions for athletic activities that promote disability awareness and inclusion.

Community Day Program

Set up a special event that features activities and includes exhibits that will help the public better understand the barriers people with disabilities face. Includes tips on where to hold your event, who to include, how to publicize it.

Faith Based Program

Engage with religious congregations to promote inclusion. Includes disability awareness discussion and activity suggestions for children and adults involved in religious instruction, a resource list, information about getting involved with the AAPD’s Interfaith Disability Advocacy Coalition.

Featured Speaker Program

Use a speaking engagement to reach the public. Includes suggestions on how to select a speaker, where to hold your event, how to publicize it.

Local Business Program

Increase awareness of people with disabilities in your place of business. Includes story ideas for company newsletters, information on supported employment, a resource list and tips on how to clarify your company’s policies on employing people with disabilities.

ADA Awareness Program

Access information about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Includes ideas to increase your community’s awareness of the ADA, information to initiate a Yellow Card campaign to review and “grade” the accessibility of any organization or business.

Book Club Program

Create a diverse group that shares insights and perspectives. Includes tips for organizing a book club, selecting books, moderating discussions.

Recognition Awards Program

Honor an outstanding local citizen(s) who has made significant contributions to the disability community. Includes selection criteria and suggestions on where to present the award. Recognition Award Certificate also available on this web page.

Legislative Forum Program

Organize a public forum for legislators to discuss disability issues and legislation and listen to constituents’ concerns. Includes a step-by-step guide to planning the forum, sample correspondence, media materials.

Adult Volunteer Program

Volunteer in the community to show the power of people with disabilities. Includes many ideas for activities in your community.

Student Volunteer Program

Volunteer in the community to show the power of people with disabilities. Includes long-term service project ideas for middle and high school students.

Library Story Hour Program

Work with your local library to set up a display of disability-related books and/or have your mayor read a book about disabilities during a story hour. Includes guidelines for evaluating children’s books, a news release for promotion.

Voter Engagement Program

Exercise the right to vote and make an impact for people with disabilities. Includes information on voter registration, the Help America Vote Act, accessibility/mail-in/absentee voting options.

Mayoral Proclamation

Have your mayor proclaim March as Disability Awareness Month in your community. Includes a sample proclamation, advance and follow-up media announcements.

Theme Activity Suggestions

Awareness Support Materials

Quiz and Activities Booklet

Complete with a quiz, booklet includes sections that address communication, accessibility, inclusion, and attitude

Disable Disrespect Brochure

Legislative Process Brochure

Responding to Disability Questionnaire

Recognition Awards Certificate

For use with a Recognition Awards Program activity.

Recommended Reading List

For use with a Book Club or Library Story Hour activity.

Coloring Book 1

The Play Ball coloring book tells the story of Sam and Jack, a wheelchair user, playing ball in the park.

Coloring Book 2

The Ready Set Go coloring book tells the story of Sam and his new classmate Sally, who has dyslexia.

Indiana Disability Parking Code

Mock Parking Ticket Reminder

Guidelines for Disability Writing and Reporting

Tips for Earning Media Interest

Hoosier Voting Guide

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